Booklet #1
Toolkit to foster multi-actor research in agrobiodiversity

This toolkit provides building blocks for a multi-actor approach applied to participatory plant breeding and action research with the aim of embedding agrobiodiversity in food systems. It results from a wide range of experience developed within the DIVERSIFOOD project to boost cultivated diversity for organic and low-input agriculture and from the collective reflection of all the project partners.


Report #3
Community Seed Banks in Europe

Community seed banks (CSBs) have been founded as part of the so called “informal seed systems” since the early 1980s in many parts of the world, with various forms and functions. Within DIVERSIFOOD, a mapping and a survey on community seed banks in Europe have been carried out, comparing their history, objectives and structures. Find out more


Report #4
Community Biodiversity Management

This report is the result of the workshop held at FAO HQ in Rome on September 2017. This workshop, organized by the DIVERSIFOOD partners together with the ITPGRFA and Bioversity International, represented a key opportunity to discuss with international institutions about the global dimension of the community seed banks issues and their potential role in the global framework of agrobiodiversity conservation, using a community agrobiodiversity management approach. The report integrates the experiences identified by DIVERSIFOOD in Europe with other experiences of community seed banks around the world: from Ethiopia to Bolivia, from Guatemala to China.


Caracterización de los bancos de semillas comunitarios en el Estado español

La presente investigación, coordinada por la Red Andaluza de Semillas “Cultivando Biodiversidad”, forma parte de una más amplia, desarrollada en el marco del proyecto DIVERSIFOOD, y tiene entre sus metas conocer y reflexionar sobre los objetivos, funcionamiento, estrategias, valores y retos de los BSC en el Estado español así como mostrar la diversidad de experiencias existentes en el territorio.