Food systems & quality

Embedding diversity


DIVERSIFOOD (in WP5) applies an explorative procedure to investigate the market potential for underutilized local food (food diversity) and products of newly bred lines coming from participatory breeding (PPB) based on four to six case studies conducted in various regions in the EU. DIVERSIFOOD develops a comprehensive approach and guidelines to conduct workshops and interviews in the different case studies.

That approach allows identifying the most appropriate marketing strategies for food diversity and PPB. The approach covers the whole supply chain and includes needs and expectations of breeders, farmers and processors and their networks. Key success factors and bottlenecks in the marketing of food diversity (product development, sales channels and price expectations) will be identified as well as the most supporting types of policy and networks.

The objectives are to:

  1. Provide comprehensive information on networks and initiatives throughout the European Union aiming at keeping and enhancing the diversity of food in supply chains.
  2. Define promising marketing strategies for products derived from underutilized crops and newly bred lines from participatory breeding in order to enhance food diversity
  3. Evaluate communication tools (e.g. label, trademarks, others) to raise consumer awareness for food diversity and products from participatory plant breeding taking into account the different market environments and cultural differences in Europe
  4. Provide recommendations for market actors and policy makers to foster agrobiodiversity at all levels: breeding, farming system, and food chains