To promote innovation within the food chain, DIVERSIFOOD project is using a multi-actor participatory approach, taking into account the knowledge, perspectives and needs of local stakeholders. Many local field activities and public events were organized with different formats, according to the specific stakeholders involved.

Share Shops

Share Shops are innovation sharing events enabling advisors, farmer’s communities, breeders and other stakeholders to share their skills, information, and knowledge with each other and project partners. They include activities such as field and farm daysfarm walksfield labs/schools and innovation clubs whatever is the most appropriate and worthwhile for a given area.

Share Shops also act as a space for discussion of the DIVERSIFOOD results and related topics with a wider community, disseminating the project publications such as Innovation Factsheets and Booklets. Several share shops were organized in different locations since the beginning of DIVERSIFOOD project.

Training opportunities

The innovations and novel activities that DIVERSIFOOD produces may well be a challenge for many stakeholders to enact within their businesses. In order for these project outcomes to have impact, training is required.

For this reason, different training activities were organize during the project lifetime, such as practical workshops face-to-face sessions and e-learning solutions.

Stakeholders forum

Stakeholder forums are participatory workshops involving different actors such as farmers, gardeners, breeders and seed company networks, to discuss DIVERSIFOOD objectives and results. Stakeholder forums were organized at national or regional levels by local project partners. These workshops helped to define stakeholders’ expectations for the various DIVERSIFOOD crops.

A European stakeholder forum with policy makers and relevant actors within the supply chain was organized in April 2018 in Brussels, to discuss DIVERSIFOOD results and to further develop current policies for cultivating diversity and food qualityFind out more

Scientific congress

The DIVERSIFOOD Final Congress was organized in December 2018 in Rennes, to disseminate and discuss the project results and key lessons.

The event was opened for external oral speakers and poster presentations, to better connect sister projects and researches with DIVERSIFOOD outputs. Find out more