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DIVERSIFOOD Final Congress:

Cultivating diversity and food quality

The DIVERSIFOOD Final Congress was held in Rennes on 10-12 December 2018. During the event, the project results and key lessons were be shared, covering 5 key concepts connected with crop diversity for resilient sustainable food systems:

  1. Underutilized/forgotten crops: multi-actor and on farm evaluation
  2. New approaches of plant breeding for diversified and sustainable farming systems
  3. Community biodiversity management
  4. Diversity and sustainability within food systems: new relationships among actors
  5. Paradigm shift for muti-actor and transdisciplinary research

A field visit and two practical workshops were also organized during the last day of the event.

DIVERSIFOOD Final Congress was opened for external oral speakers and poster presentations from Europe and US, to better connect sister projects and researches with DIVERSIFOOD outputs. Finding together new ways to promote diversity and food quality on both sides of the Atlantic.

Proceedings & Useful links

The DIVERSIFOOD Final Congress Proceedings are now available here! 

Find out more on the event website

Download the programme of the event

Download the concept note of the Liveseed workshop: from trait-based to systemsbased organic breeding

Download the Concept note of the Workshop on financing participatory and multi-actor research

Read the article Community seed banks: hubs for growing genetic diversity on Fridtjof Nansen Institute website

Read the article Building Bridges with European Seed Communities on Organic Seed Alliance website

Download the posters produced for the Final Congress

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