LINKAGES on farm: tell us your experience

Which varieties are you most interested in? Have you ever requested seeds from ex situ collections inside or outside Europe? These and other questions set the basis of the LINKAGES activity, a small grant which supports the broader research of the DIVERSIFOOD project.

If you are a farm conservation actor, including individual farmers and seed savers, as well as representatives or animators of seed networks or organic farming organizations, please take 10 minutes to answer our questionnaire!

It aims at gathering information on if and how the on farm communities in Europe interact with the ex situ conservation community, for example germplasm banks.

Your answers will help the DIVERSIFOOD team to get a better picture of the strengths, difficulties, opportunities and challenges of accessing and exchanging seeds and information.

Our goal is to develop recommendations to improve and enhance the current interactions between the on farm and the ex situ communities, towards creating an integrated seed system.

The questionnaire is available in 5 languages:

Go to the English questionnaire

Go to the French questionnaire

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Go to the Spanish questionnaire

Thank you for your time and commitment to improving the conservation and sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity in Europe!