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DIVERSIFOOD workshop on “Enabling Crop Biodiversity on the Market”

A DIVERSIFOOD workshop on “Enabling Crop Biodiversity on the Market” was organized in Helsinki on 22-23 November by ESVY – Southern Finland Organic Farmers Association, FOPA – Finnish Organic Farmers Alliance, Kymi Organic Coop, Kuhilas Ry and Arche Noah.

Under the specific topic “How to make the regulatory environment more biodiversity-friendly”, the workshop provided a chance to study effects of legislation on the diversity of cultivated plants and develop ways to make it more diversity-friendly together with stakeholders from the Nordic and Baltic contries.


The potential of crop diversification and diversity products

Marjo Keskitalo, LUKE – Natural Resources Institute Finland / Diversifood

The Danish Implementation of EU PRM legislation and it’s importance for Biodiversity

Merete Buus, Danish AgriFish Agency

Legislation – Enabling Biodiversity in Austria?

Emil Platzer, ARCHE NOAH Austria / Diversifood

IFOAM’s position on seed regulation

Effimia Chatzinikolaou, IFOAM EU

+ World Cafe on Seed legislation

+ Workshop groups on the subjects of: Biodiversity in rural development, User Gene Bank, The potential of the biodiversity market,Developing value chains of biodiversity products, The importance of landraces for farmers in Northern countries, Plant health regulation and biodiversity